Polyester Pillow
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Pillow Core (Non-down Products)

Pillow core is not an easily worn article. A good pillow core can be used two or three times longer than a bad one. We have three ways to tell a pillow core is good or bad. They are cloth, stuffing and craft.

1. The pillow core is the most frequently extruded and fractionized, so we can’t choose some kind of loose material. In that case the fiber will easily go out and affect the guest’s breathing system. As for the outer fabric of these pillow (stuffed with washed fibre or fibre four/seven/nine), the fabric of 40*40,110*76 or 110*90is enough.

2. For stuffing, we’d better choose flexible Tri-dimensional fibre four(or fibre seven/nine) or lmitate Silk washable fibre(the advantage of washable fibre is that could be washed by machine without changing its shape). And the simple way to recognize the quality of the stuffing is to pinch and twist it by fingers. If you feel any kind of coarse that means its quality is inferior . And the quality of the stuffing mainly decides the pillow’s price, comfort and life.

3. In the procedure of making, the Tri-dimensional Curly fibre must be loosed and stuffed by machine, because only done by this it can be completely loosed and uniformly stuffed. And the way to recognize it is to press ans slide on the pillow, if you can’t feel any scraggy that means it’s done by machine. In addition, if it is done by hands, you can probably see some unequal blocks directly , and one end of this kind of pillow will be a bit higher than anther one end. Besides, the life and comfort of this kind of pillow will be worse.