His duck down what

1, water disinfection is used to drop down in the dust, dander and down the musty, internally often use detergents detergent, rinse and add some white oil (white oil) in order to achieve the purpose of add luster and prevent attacks from pests.

2 main centrifuge dewatering, dehydration. Dehydration in a centrifuge for 5 minutes, speed of 600 rpm.

3 main through the dryer, drying steam pasteurized. 120~130℃ heat, achieve the goal of both dried down and sterilizing. Note that drying is a technical process, master baking must was concentrating, not only to the plush drying operation at a time, you must also note the fluffy plush, keep track of the level of attainment. (No devices, direct sun exposure, when neighbors are done. )

4, cooling cooling by cooler exhaust screen and ruled out further down the smell, conducive to the further improvement of products quality, but also to restore the natural water content of feather. If moisture content exceeds the natural moisture in the duck, duck down tend to mildew metamorphic and water natural water, duck down happens simply and easily broken, affect the quality.

5, packing and storage and drying of the duvet to observe extension Santan time, to ensure the full restoration of duck down natural moisture. In addition, the packaging should not be too tight. Because the duck is good insulation products, packed too tight may not only be easier to heat, and cause water vapor, not easy to keep and may distort the duck down, affect the elastic. Therefore, duck down packaging, best controlled in several tens of grams per package. Washing and disinfection of duck down and generally require 30 days more to fill duck down products.