Bathrobe Is A Cool Dress

  Bathrobe is a cool dress, similar to other Japanese traditional dress, bathrobe with straight seam and wide sleeves. But with the more solemn kimono, bathrobe is made of cotton rather than silk or synthetic fiber.

  Most of the traditional bathrobes are made of blue dyed cotton, but now the choice of bathrobe color has become diversified. Patterns are generally selected for summer animals and plants or things. Often the younger wearer will choose a more vivid color and pattern design, older people will choose a darker and more simple design, which is similar to kimono. At the end of the 1990s, bathrobes had renewed signs, and many Japanese young women were worn in summer and were not subject to traditional restrictions. Previously under the guidance of the grandmother and mother under the guidance of their own family bathrobes, but now people will have been rare, most people are in the department store or kimchi shop to buy.

  Bathrobe both men and women can wear. In the Japanese-style hot spring hotel, the hotel will usually provide bathing for the guests, some people even wearing a bathrobe out shopping or to the restaurant to eat. Wearing a bathrobe usually requires a cloth belt to keep the bathrobe open, in a private place, such as bathing after bathing, may only need a simple belt tied. Wearing a bathrobe, the general will be accompanied by Japanese clogs.