Bed Linen Is Our Physical Contact With The Items

Bed Linen is our physical contact with the items, so the use of Bed Linen sheets is also related to our health. So whether it is from its purchase or to the cleaning and maintenance, there are many places we need attention, that the following Xiaobian will introduce you to the Bed Linen of the cleaning method and daily maintenance skills.

Bed Linen cleaning method one

For the spring and autumn season sheets, it is recommended to change the time for 3-5 days. If the sheets are used for the first time, then we can rinse the water first. Can be the surface of the slurry and printing and dyeing washed away, so use will be relatively soft and healthy.

Bed Linen cleaning method two

In general, in addition to the silk sheets have some cleaning attention, then the other material sheets can be used machine wash. First, the neutral detergent into the washing machine water, the water temperature should not exceed 30 ℃, until the detergent is completely dissolved after the Bed Linen can be put into the cleaning, after cleaning and then ventilated to dry.

Bed Linen cleaning method three

If the sheets are stained with some blood stains and bad stains. Then it is recommended that everyone at home with a bottle of underwear cleaning agent, underwear cleaning agent is specifically for blood stains. So when the sheets are stained with blood, rub with a lingerie detergent, and then clean and dry on it.

Bed Linen cleaning method four

For linen linen products, here should pay attention, and must not be forced to scrub. So the fiber products are very fragile, so not only easy to fluff, but also affect the appearance and service life, so the material sheet will also affect the Bed Linen sheet cleaning.

Bed Linen sheet maintenance skills

There is also a lot of attention to the maintenance of sheets. Light and dark products should pay attention to separate storage, so you can prevent the color yellowing. White silk products can not put camphor or put in the camphor box, otherwise it will be yellowing. And all the sheets in the collection of time must first clean, completely dry. Long time do not use the time, you can use in the sun before drying, to restore fluffy.