Bedding Drying To Guard Against 3 Major Errors

Bedding drying to guard against 3 major errors

After a rainy day, in the warm sun sun drying bedding, so there will be the sun and the taste of the trees. So how long is the bedding so that it is better? Recently, it often rains, some people quickly come up with their own bedding sun, remove the moisture, the sun is a good thing, but the blind sun will damage its soft and heat insulation properties. Many people also like to beat in the sun when it seems to do so in order to make the quilt more soft, too much sun, or that the longer the better sun, in fact, this is not appropriate. Different quilts have different sun method, I summed up a bit, hurry up to find out about it The following is the drying of bedding to guard against three major errors.

Misunderstanding 1: the longer the better when the quilt, the pillow is not the longer the better the sun! This is because the cotton is rich in natural oil, drying time is too long will grease dried, aging, affecting its adhesion and insulation properties. Generally in the morning 11 am to 2 noon drying 2 to 3 hours the best, light enough to dry the effect is good, but also to avoid prolonged drying easily contaminated outdoor dust.

Misunderstanding 2: exposure to high temperature antivirus down and wool material of the home textiles do not need frequent drying, but also must not be exposed. Because the exposure of high temperature will make the feathers and wool in the oil change, resulting in rancid taste, such quilts in the ventilation room drying 1 hour on it.

Misunderstanding 3: beat the quilt more fluffy finish after the quilt like to beat beat, think this is clean and can make the quilt fluffy, in fact, otherwise it is not.

Bedding small knowledge

(1) cotton fiber thick and short, fragile.

(2) synthetic fiber fine and long, easy to deformation, once beat, fiber compression plate into pieces of children will not be restored.

(3) duvet can not beat, down broken into a small "feather dust", will affect the warmth effect.

Note: Note that the five details of the bedding for the storage, many people know to keep the environment clean and clean, to prevent mildew; light and dark to separate storage, to prevent staining, yellowing. But easy to ignore some of the details, often to the need to fine care of the bedding to bring adverse consequences.

(4) cotton, linen products are folded and tidy, and put a certain amount of camphor pills, in the dark, low humidity, well ventilated place to store.

(5) Wool is required to be dried after the quilt to be cool and then folded, placed in the insecticide, placed in a dry place, not heavy pressure, dry cleaning.

(6) when the silk is used, such as moisture can not be drying, should be dry in the shade dry air, dry and then folded. Store the insecticide in a dry place.

(7) down to be quilt after the cooler to be cool and then folded, stored in the insecticide, placed in a dry place, can be washed.

(8) white silk products can not put camphor or put in camphor box, otherwise it will be yellow.