Bedding For Seasonal Maintenance

Housewife bedding before the admission, to carry out cleaning and maintenance and the use of appropriate collection method, which can extend its service life, commonly used often new. Xiao Bian in this set up the package and quilt maintenance methods, quickly collection it!

Package class

First, cotton bedding

Natural raw materials, the use of comfort, moisture absorption, no static electricity, but easy to wrinkle, is the most commonly used bedding fabric.

1, the depth of the color of the bedding should be washed separately. Especially the dark bed of the first few pieces of cleaning, it is easy to off the float.

2, should use soap or neutral soap powder (should be dissolved in water), in about 30 ℃ warm water in the back of the washing, washing machine wash can be. Washed flat after drying, but not a long time exposure, so as not to bleaching.

3, pure cotton bedding alkali is not acid, so should not contact with acidic substances, washing process to avoid sharp objects to damage the fabric, embroidery bedding to be particularly careful.

4, ironing temperature to 110 ℃ below, when stacked together, in the dark and ventilated place collection.

Second, linen bedding

Strong hygroscopicity, good ventilation, durable and washable, and even more wash the more bright cloth, the disadvantage is difficult to dye, so a single color.

The use of neutral washing supplies warm water gently wash, can not be washed, can not be wring dry, not exposure, or bedding easily deformed, bleaching, shrink. Ironing temperature below 110 ℃, in the ventilation can be stored in the dark.

Third, silk class bedding

Lightweight, breathable, soft and comfortable, but to maintain its beautiful, extend the service life, the use of the correct maintenance method is very important.

1, recommended dry cleaning. If the hand wash can be neutral detergent or silk detergent dissolved in cold water, the bedding into the gentle hand wash. With a towel to absorb moisture, in a cool and ventilated place to dry, to avoid the sun. In the Bacheng dry, pad white cloth low-temperature ironing, the temperature between 110 ℃ ~ 120 ℃, avoid watering, otherwise it will form a water stain.

2, the storage office to keep dry and clean, or easy to eat insects, add a wetting agent. White silk bedding with the camphor balls with the release, otherwise it will be yellowing.

How is the common quilt?

[ Duvet ]

Do not expose, season when stored in a dry place

Relative to the wool, silk, down the most simple maintenance, regular drying like, do not sun exposure, usually if you feel some deflated, gently beat it to the pomp. Season, stored in a dry place just fine. When the collection is down, do not seal it. You can put pests as appropriate.

[Fiber was]

Maintenance worry, most can be washed

Such as Lai Saier fiber, soybean fiber, etc. are filled with the core of the fiber are the category. It's pest control, moisture-proof function is excellent, not afraid of washing. Can be said to be maintenance very peace of mind quilt. Fiber summer can be generally machine wash, very peace of mind. There are many varieties of fiber on the market, please pay attention to the details of the product description on the introduction.

[Wool was]

Easy borers, moisture absorption, need to often dry

Wool is warm and good, but easy to absorb moisture, before use, the best in the cool place to dry 2 to 3 hours, gently beat it to restore flexibility. Use as long as possible during the week drying. Season before admission, the first dry 4 to 5 hours, let cool and then folded. It and silk is different, to put enough insect repellent, and then put on the bag sealed, placed in a dry place, do not weigh the weight above.

[Silk was]

Do not vacuum or weight, will affect the warmth

Silk is rolled up and stored, do not put mothballs, so as not to contaminate silk. Not to stress, especially can not be vacuum, otherwise it is difficult to restore the impact of warmth. Silk is ventilated in the shade. When sleeping, do not wrap the quilt under the body, if the child at home, to avoid the child in the quilt on the chaos.