Bedding In The End How To Wash The Right?

  Bedding in the end how to wash the right?

  In the washing bed when the use of the right way, not only to keep its color bright, but also enhance its service life. Washing bedding, often we will have a misunderstanding: that is, washing bedding is a program. In fact, according to bedding technology, color, fabric, size, etc., in the washing process, and can not use a unified mode of operation. The following Xiaobian to introduce you to several common bedding washing methods.

  Printing of bedding

  1. Disinfect the detergent with bleach ingredients;

  Bleach has a strong detergency, but it has a bleaching function. It is easy to lead to the color of the printing products fade.

  2. Wait for the detergent to dissolve completely into the water and add the bed.

  Whether the machine wash or hand wash, select the detergent, the detergent in the water fully dissolved, and then into the dirty quilt. So dirty quilt can be fully absorbed detergent in the cleaning molecules, more conducive to clean the bedding.

  3. can not be soaked in water for a long time (generally not more than 1 hour);

  Soak in the water for a long time, not only the color of the printed quilt damage, while too long soak will cause the fabric to expand, deformation, shorten its life.

  4. not a long time in the sun exposure;

  Prolonged exposure will also make bed products fade.

  Embroidered bedding

  Embroidery products are mostly made of computer embroidery, and some are made by hand embroidery, embroidery products, the biggest trouble is the fear of embroidery thread off the line, spinning, and even hook bad, washing embroidery products in addition to printing Type products 1, 2, 3, point out, remember, in the first 3:00 soak, the first to embroidery inside the cover turned out, the embroidered side turned into. And then into the detergent has been dissolved in the washing machine, be sure to take a gentle way to wash.

  4. Washing embroidery class goods regardless of your home washing machine how much capacity, each time can only wash this kind of bedding. Do not put other clothing, to prevent other clothing buttons or metal products and embroidery thread winding

  5. embroidered quilt before sun drying, try to pull the flattened and then drying, conditional drying of the family also try to avoid drying. Because the embroidery jacket in the ribbon may be in the process of drying deformation, resulting in unsightly. Ironing must take low temperature.