Choose The Tablecloth According To The Shape Of The Table

  Choose the tablecloth according to the shape of the table:


  Table tops can be laid on the ground floor of the large tablecloth, the upper layer and then spread a small piece of tablecloths to increase the sense of magnificence. The color of the tablecloth can be selected dark, more sedate, and anti-pollution.

  Square Table

  Square tables can be covered with square tablecloths at the bottom, the upper layer of a small square table cloth or change the direction of the tablecloth, right at the edge of the center of the table, so that the tablecloth hem has triangular patterns, table cloth is the best pattern comparison of the atmosphere, not suitable for a single color, this looks natural, warm, not rigid.

  Rectangular table

  Rectangular table can be laid on the bottom of the rectangular tablecloth, the upper layer with two square table cloth, staggered bedding cover on the table, or two square table cloth to lay out, the middle of the staggered place can be with a bow,Table Cloths silk scarf to fix, also can achieve the above effect. Table flags are currently very popular table decorations, and can be used with plain tablecloths and the same color of the meal mat.

  Exquisite fabrics

  Table cloth is usually used to protect the desktop, avoid oil, wear, scald furniture surface. In choosing the material of tablecloths, from its abrasion resistance, washing resistance and other aspects, should be as far as possible to choose a thinner chemical fiber materials, because of thick cotton fabric,Table Cloths very easy to absorb food odor and not easy to disperse, is not conducive to restaurant sanitation. can adopt new High-tech fabrics.

  Color Matching

  Color collocation also need to note that the color of the environment can affect the mood when people eat. The color of the restaurant varies greatly from one's own hobby to another. But on the whole, it is advisable to take a bright light tone, the most suitable for the use of orange. Both of these colors have the effect of stimulating appetite, they can not only give people a warm feeling, but also to improve the mood of eating. When the furniture is darker, it can be set against a crisp, fresh tint or blue-white,Table Cloths green-white, red-and-white tablecloth. When a person dines, often appear tedious, may use the red tablecloth to eliminate the loneliness.