Down Comforters Care Tips

First of all, feather quilt is definitely not enough water, because water will cause caking and affects down-warm and, if accidentally stained, good dry cleaners dry cleaning;

Secondly, down comforters blankets to damp mildew, bacteria outside of the body's own temperature, humidity and dust, quilts will be contaminated for a long time, so often dry. The ultraviolet rays of the Sun has antiseptic effect, recommendation 1 months Sun quilt, select the before noon, from 12 o'clock to 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Sun-Pat about the quilt, this will not only keep the quilt fluffy and moisture-proof of sterilization.

Again, no when you receive the quilt, it is best to squeeze the air rolled up packages, packaged in a dry and ventilated place, remember, do not put moth balls in the yard, or it will result in yellowing of the quilts have odors.

Finally, usually not sharp, sharp objects on a quilt, avoid tea, coffee, spilled red wine on the quilt. In any event, inseparable from the usual care.