Duvet cleaning tips

Frist, Duck down clothing is the use of hand-washing is the most reasonable, as this can be avoided by washing or dry cleaning methods to bring damage to clothes. But don't count on not machine wash or dry clean, quality problems with consequences, caused by the washing method that consumers do not, manufacturers are not such so-called quality issues. But also important is the water temperature should not exceed 30 °, if measured with a handle is not cold in the winter can be a normal water temperature, temperature is too high will cause harm to duck down, thus affecting its warm and fluffy.

Second, specific washing way: first of all, if you are not using the duvet quilt cover on the best used before, because that directly clean the duvet cover can, after all, taking into account the quilt is very big and heavy, washing up is inconvenient. At present, already used must be directly washed quilt; General recommendation: If your home has a large washtub, put in the quilt soak directly, the liquid washing detergent using a professional down, if not using ordinary laundry detergent can also, once again you can use household detergent. In the process can use a soft brush brush, then rinse clean, finally uses a semi-automatic washing machine dehydration. Because if the handle, simply screw fixed, hehe!

Three, the final touch is let down back to fluffy State didn't wash as before. That's when almost dry when the quilt by hand or stick gently the covers to make it down evenly and fluffy.