Duvets For 20 Years Can Use?

Certainly to after cleaning processing Hou to with. first with water completely soaked Duvet, then will its twist dry, will duvet immersion 50 ℃ around of SOAP water in the soaking, time also is slightly long points good, if has disinfection liquid add better, soaking good Hou will duvet out put in a platform Shang took flat, as dip Shang has grease, can pour points washing spirit with brush scrub, last water had net dry, beat flat can, avoid rub, will it put in cool ventilation of place dry can, must to dry through, after such of processing, Products can always be puffy and, of course, if it is a poor-quality duck down products, the possible effect will be much less.

Must be 20 years of disease, is called a carpet beetle bug, however, after proper cleaning after you. you can rest assured that use.