Fine Bedding For The Three Major Injuries On The Skin!

  Fine bedding for the three major injuries on the skin!

  One, itching endlessly

  This is a problem with PH value

  Sleep when the whole body is more than itching, wipe the drug after the effect is not obvious. Although often change the bed pillow case, sheets and quilt, but sometimes still smell the pillow and bedding there is a strange smell.

  If the PH value of the bed is high or low, will directly damage the body's skin balance mechanism, weaken the skin to resist the invasion of bacteria, resulting in skin itching, swelling and other reactions, and even lead to irritating dermatitis, contact dermatitis and so on.

  In addition, pillow and bedding, although it looks very clean, but a long time do not wash drying, it will become a breeding ground for a variety of microbial growth. Smell the pillow and bedding there is a strange taste is to remind you to change the pillow and bedding.

  Second, can not find the cause of skin allergies

  This is a problem with formaldehyde

  A young woman has been suffering from skin allergies, miserable, go to the hospital to see and can not find allergens, only symptomatic treatment. Surprisingly, from the first day of her marriage into the new house, plagued her years of skin allergies actually died and more! But in her back to her parents to take care of her parents, her face allergy and relapse , The skin is not only red itch, but also began molting.

  In addition to mattresses, wardrobe, flooring and other large items, the bedroom of small pieces of goods may also be excessive formaldehyde, especially some of the online Buy bed sets, blankets, clothing and so on.

  Third, the face into "acne" hardest hit

  This is a problem with mites

  High school students Kobayashi this is an eight-meter high handsome guy, but because of a look of acne and smallpox in India, the students laughed as "Asako uncle." Kobayashi on the acne problem is intolerable, can only go to the hospital dermatology clinic, the doctor advised him to clean pillow towel, keep clean. Kobayashi in accordance with the doctor's orders, the face of the acne is really less and less.

  Bed caused by skin problems mainly concentrated in the face, while the pillow is the most face contact with the bedding, Kobayashi pillow no pillow, and often do not wash, causing the face of acne vigorous growth.

  It is understood that if you have been in one direction to sleep, then the half of the face is easy to become very rough pox. So, regular cleaning bedding, change the pillowcase is very important, or in the pillow shop a towel, replace every day.