Four To Four Set Maintenance Must Comply With Three Principles Of Not


Regular cleaning of bed linen and sheets, fatigue of the day lying outside the above is easy to dust and germs on bedding. Especially the pillows, wash your hair every day when the weather is cold and few. Led pillow

Head is dirty. Regular cleaning will not only wash away dirt and bacteria can keep a bed of life and comfort that is necessary.


For the fall/winter season, bed not washing. Must keep the bed four sets clean and the whole law, leaving her clothes do not throw on the bed. Best wash after going to bed every day. Pets do not let pets go to bed. Nights can also wear a hat without shampoo.


Regular blankets or sheets to change direction, in general our position is relatively fixed easily lead to bed and use a range of different causes bed trending or faded. Once every three months or swap if both sides AB can in turn. Balance your bedding.


Wet items after the damage is great. Invade premises especially for textile goods is strong. So for bedding dry and maintained is to ensure its longevity and comfort is an important part of the. When not in bed under the regular open window ventilation, indoor air and bedding was replaced for "breathing" two birds with one stone.

Three don't

A don't

Bedding cleaning avoid prolonged sun exposure. We all know the principle of expansion and contraction. Burst easily swell quilt or bask in the Sun too long, if it is cotton bedding can also lead to loss. If silk print long goes bad and the silk breaks. Like other wool and down not to prolonged sun exposure and long Tan. Put them in a well-ventilated place to bask for hours on the line

B not

Best item fills out in the Sun, so fast Sun effect. For some more really prides itself and not directly as can be covered with a layer of gauze. Will protect against heat damage.

Three don't

Slap at Sun, it is an old tradition in our country, have done in the past when most of the quilt is not so much arrogance of your cotton fabric. Now when the beat do not slap.

Even cotton bedding set of four is better than in the past, slap the easy to make cotton fiber fracture. Can't do, like are silk. In print, after the fold, not too much, try to keep the natural.