Hotel Room Bedding Product Classification And Characteristics

  hotel room Bedding Product Classification and characteristics

  Suite, total condom or deluxe suite. Many hotels in the selection of hotel rooms cloth grass When you do not know how to match the room grade corresponding to the room bedding, and manufacturers or distributors are afraid of trouble, mostly using the same type of room linen standard. Such standards do not fully reflect the hotel at the room level of the distinction, also reflects the standard rooms and high-end rooms in the SOFTWARE PRODUCT level. This will inevitably become a hotel in the human Software Product services on a missing.

  The main components of the hotel bedding are roughly divided into such categories. such as: bed linen, quilt cover, pillowcases, core, pillow, protective pad, bed mat (also known as Bed kei), bed skirt (according to the bed type determines whether the ratio), cushion sleeve, cushion core so 10 categories. If it is a star hotel should be considered equipped with a comfortable mat (usually down-oriented, the main feature is to increase the surface of the bed softness and comfort degree).

  Sheet, quilt cover, pillowcase short four pieces. hotel room bedding is seeking to give users a comfortable and quality sleep experience. Four-piece set as the most intimate bedding its main characteristics are pure cotton and health. Core, pillow, protective cushion, cushion core belongs to the cotton Core category products. This type of product features more diversified. Because these categories of product features are not very unified. But there is something in common that comforts. Therefore, in the selection of cotton-core bedding is also based on the hotel's star-level ratio. Because the cotton core products in the product grade with four sets of the ratio is very clear, popular point is a penny of the price of goods. Bed end cushion, bed skirt, cushion cover these three kinds of bedding are collectively known as decorative linen. As the name implies, the main characteristics of decorative cloth is to play a decorative role.

  Most of the hotel decorative linen design is based on the hotel room decoration main tone to determine. And the hotel decorative linen content is also very rich.