Learn About Goose Down And Feather-what Is The Difference Between

General a down was of containing velvet volume points three species, that Velvet: a has short stem, while separate many short fluff of feathers, somewhat as sorghum Spike, General is from duck or goose of chest collection, real of down was is this; a is porn broke of velvet, is will duck or goose of wings and tail Shang of with rough stem of long feathers broke; also has a called fly silk, is in Shang two species velvet processing process in the, short fluff from stem Shang off and produced of no stem short fluff.

In a duvet in the process, is the milling of the above three different levels of content to determine down, first down, the more the higher, porn will reduce much fluffy, warm only. Fly wire will feel good, very soft, poor but warm, dry lumps and water, heard two years ago with a few minor down products factory recall flying from the manufacturers to make clothing or bedding. Grey wool and cashmere, there is no need to distinguish between light feather, duck down much of the South is Lake, almost all have black hair, mining near Beijing some years ago to fill duvets, white, due to the small production, and other wool-mix, of course, there are black.

Down product selection (only for outdoor products): outer: generally uses high-intensity, high density nylon, coated, not necessarily waterproof, was leaking down, in the outer skin during processing, the line is through silicone oil-soaked, is to prevent a sewing machine line on too tight, increasing friction to pull the needle, causing leakage down. So check to see if skin depends on when the needle is widened by line or variants, suture line elastic consistency, if it is a foreign trade, all sewn stitch is the same (except for the cuffs, collar and pockets of the cables). (Commonly known as Yuriko): it should be a two-tier, next layer does not matter what is the key in it there should be a layer of non-woven cloth, cashmere plus is specifically designed to prevent leakage.