Napkin Folding Standard

  Napkin folding standard

  Napkin color and size, napkins and tablecloths should be used, breakfast can be used in color and ordinary handkerchief similar, mostly 3.25 to 45 cm, folding simple or folded into a tent can be. Lunch and dinner napkins to white or other color, the material to use the hardness of the linen, larger size of 60 cm, such as too soft or small on the fold is not formed. Here are a few napkins folding method:

  ● Tent type

  Suitable for breakfast or fast food with the napkin, because it is the easiest stack method, available 3.25 cm napkin, folding method: Napkin one hand folding napkins, the other hand push stacked napkins. The first angle is placed in the upper left corner, and then the corner A and B corner fold, become a triangle; the second action is the right thumb at the bottom of the center of the triangle at the top, stacked into a tent-type napkin. Put the opening or tail of the tent toward the guest.

  ● Crimping cap type

  The curling cap is also suitable for the napkin for the meal, the stack method is simple, first rectangular napkin on the stack, and then the right one-third part of the left to overlap; C down into a conical hat, and then E and F corners folded up.

  ● pointed cap type

  The tip of the hat is also suitable for lunch with the napkin. Stacking simple: ① first square napkin, diagonal folded into a triangle; ② then about 3/4 part of the re-folded into a sharp; ③ then folded in front of a corner; ④ back to the back of the flattened.

  ● monk cap type

  This is the common dining in the restaurant a napkin folding method, generous style, easy to fold: ① first square napkin folded fold square; ② the second step is folded into a diamond; ③ the third step is the rhombus into a mountain shape; Napkin The fourth step is to fold the lower left corner in the upper right corner; ⑤ then turn over the lower right corner of the pressure in the upper left corner; ⑥ in the lower opening of the average separation, that is,

  Bishop cap type

  ① the top of the top of the stack, the upper and lower two vertex distance; ④ the top of the triangle, up stack; ⑤ turn over, Napkin around the two tip overlap, a tip of the insert Another tip; ⑥ turn over again and put it upright like a bishop hat.

  ● folding fan type

  ① the napkin inward fold, the first finger of the top and the second fold of the upper part of the distance of about 6 cm; ② from the left discount, each folded width of about 4 cm; ③ with the bottom of the clip consolidation, and then the upper Open, become a folding fan. Placed in the tray or cup can be.

  ● Fishtail type

  This shape of the napkin folded into the glass or after the plate can be. Fold method: the first 3.25 cm square fold into a triangle, Napkin and then Yang twice, and then cross into the fish tail can be crossed.

  ● petal type

  First square table napkin twisted four square square, and then folded each layer four times, and then folded back into the column, placed in the cup.

  ● Roll type

  This roll type for a small napkin folding, Napkin as long as the napkin directly folded into a cylinder, folded in the middle of the waist after the cup into the cup Serve.

  ● Candle type

  This candle type also applies a small napkin folding, the first napkin diagonal fold into a triangle and then the lower part of the fold up a small piece, and then the volume was very strong column, in the bottom tightly, can be placed in the cup The