North And South Slippers Difference

  North and South slippers difference


  If it is the north, the basic heating room in the winter, it is recommended to buy in front of the plush slippers, this slippers sold in foreign countries more domestic relatively rare, because the slippers are not easy to accumulate bacteria in the warm room Will feel hot and suffocating, plush fabric is also very comfortable, cleaning is also very convenient.


  If it is the South, the winter is relatively cold and humid, it is necessary to prepare a few pairs of all-inclusive indoor cotton slippers, a lot of good quality slippers because the soles inside the pad is matte fabric, wear a long time, but will step on the tide , Affecting the comfort, so to a few pairs of rotation, take off on the balcony sun, keep the shoes dry and durable, wear it also feel warm.

  Slippers is a kind of shoes, followed by the whole empty, only in front of the toe, mostly flat, the material is often very soft leather, plastic, cloth and so on. Slippers category according to wear occasions and performance purposes are differentiated. Such as beach slippers, it will not be fabric, but plastic, which is to be waterproof, good cleaning reason, toe type has also been specially designed, often known as sandwiched slippers, that is, we call the word drag. But the winter indoor slippers, in order to keep warm, may use fluff, rather than the use of plastic, so that people in the room have a better enjoyment. Another electronic factory and dust-free workshop commonly used anti-static slippers.