Prevent The Discoloration Of Bedding Tips

  Prevent the discoloration of bedding tips

  Introduction to prevent bedding fade small coup: whether to live in their own homes or hotels, for bedding choices are worthy of caution, the least hope is that the problem of the use of bedding in the fade, will bring a small pressure on the cleaning staff, but also the overall layout of the room to reduce the grade, so how to prevent bedding fade such problems? Give you a few tips.

  The first is the pickling method. Mainly applies to the color bright and many colors of bedding. This kind of bed color is too bright, in the process of washing to add some ordinary vinegar, bubble on a while can effectively reduce the color of bedding off. If you can often use vinegar to clean bedding can ensure that the color of bedding clean, bright as new!

  The second is the anti-airing method. The method is very simple, is to turn the bedding in the air. Drying causes the biggest culprit of the bed discoloration is the sun's ultraviolet rays, in turn drying will be in a large extent filtered off the direct irradiation of ultraviolet rays, preferably in the place where the light ventilation, the bedding to dry, the best way to fade the bed.

  Finally, toilet water cleaning method. This is suitable for pure cotton goods, first by the family cleaning bedding way, in the last rinse before, in the water drops a few drops of toilet water, and then will be washed good bedding soaked in such a 10 minutes. This method of washing the bedding can not only disinfect sterilization but also to remove the sweat taste of double effect.