Tablecloth Classification

  Tablecloth classification

  First, according to the production process classification

  Plastic: PVC tablecloths, EVA tablecloths, PEVA tablecloths, hot flower tablecloths, cotton substrate PVC tablecloths, PP tablecloths, etc.

  Textile: polyester and cotton knitted lace tablecloth, cotton mercerized net deduction tablecloth, polyester chiffon tablecloths, cotton mercerized jacquard tablecloths, polyester-cotton plain weaving printing tablecloths, polyester-cotton plain weaving tablecloths, linen knitted lace tablecloth, Flat weave flowers

  Second, according to the use of classification

  Such as table round tablecloths, table square flat tablecloths, coffee table round set of tablecloths, bedroom bedside table lace tablecloths, bedroom coffee table rectangular spike tablecloths, bedroom bedside table lace tablecloths, bedroom coffee table rectangular spike tablecloths. There are also table round disposable non-woven tablecloths and so on.

  Third, according to their use points

  Can be summarized into practical and decorative two categories.

  Practical wallpaper focus on its function, the general material to plastic-based, the color is relatively simple. As the quality of the table is getting higher and higher, many families generally do not use the tablecloths, visitors are simply covered with a layer of one-time tablecloth, after use to throw away. This tablecloth is simple, but not environmentally friendly.

  Therefore, the practicality of the tablecloth to PVC-based texture, and PVC table cloth and cotton substrate PVC tablecloth quality of the most secure. The bottom of this tablecloth covered with a layer of cotton, making it soft and easy to fold, to avoid the traditional PVC table cloth hard, brittle shortcomings. Moreover, this tablecloth is not like the traditional plastic tablecloth color is too simple, dull, color and flower variety, easy to mix with a variety of decoration style, is a good choice for soft decoration. This tablecloth is dirty, easy to clean, easy to carry. Long life, easy to fade, fade. PVC tablecloth as early as in Europe and the United States is very popular in recent years, Japan and Southeast Asian countries due to the hot weather, PVC table cloth in these countries also began to popular in our country because of its cheap features also received many families welcome.