Tablecloth Cleaning Step

  Tablecloth cleaning step

  First wash vinegar, wine, sugar, salt and other stains in the water;

  Secondly, tannic acid stains are dissolved with organic acids;

  Again, with alkaline solution to remove grease and protein stains; finally with oxidative bleach to eliminate pigment stains.Table Cloths In accordance with this set of treatment programs, you can wash the hotel tablecloth to achieve the desired results.

  Here is a white cotton table, soak the tablecloth for three minutes, minutes; remove the dry one minute is to wash away the sugar, wine, vinegar, salt stains in the water.

  The second step, the HTQ added to the stain with the stains run for three minutes, after full rubbing with water rinse stains are washed in HTQ-like tannic acid stains.

  The third step, take 5L into 5mlHTQ heavy dirt net and alkali, the caustic soda is completely dissolved, into the tablecloth,Table Cloths boil 5 - treat the tablecloth on the oil and egg stains completely disappear, remove, wash. This step is mainly on the cloth of oil and protein because the hotel tablecloth stains are obsolete, therefore, animal and plant protein is oxidized after the addition of stains, so the method of removal is the most effective practice proved to be the case.

  The fourth step, take 5l clear HTP bleach 50g, stir well, the tablecloth immersed in 5 minutes, until all the color stains removed after the vote clear,Table Cloths rejection, dry. This step is to eliminate the pigment, sterilization after more than four steps to deal with table cloth bright white, clean workers fragrant. When you wash sprinkle, may also wish to try.