The Difference Between Bed Sheets And Bed Linen

Bed linen and bed lin are the two bed styles that we often see in our daily life. The biggest difference between bed sheets and bed linen is that the bed sheets are laid directly on the bed, and the bed is set on the mattress.

The difference between bed sheets and bed linen is blurred for many people, and the difference between bed sheets and bed linen is very helpful for us to buy bedding. So what is the difference between bed sheets and bed linen? Bed and bed which is good? Xiaobian below to tell you the answer.

Difference 1: size specifications are different

The size of the general bed sheets are free to adjust, regardless of the size of the bed size of the impact of the bed is not great, select bed linen bedding, only need to follow a principle, that is, buy big do not buy small. That can choose large size sheets, but can not buy a bed than a small bed. And the choice of bedspread sheets, it is a big difference, bedspread is directly wrapped in the mattress, so the use of the bed size is also a certain requirement, the general 1.8 m * 2 m bed needs 1.8 M * 2 m * 25 cm bed linen, 1.5 m * 2 m bed is required 1.5 m * 2 m * 25 cm bed linen.

Difference 2: the production of different degrees of complexity

Bed sheets: four or four square of a piece of fabric. Bed linings: more complicated than the sheets, cut off four small horns of a bed and cut four small squares, sew together, and then bring the belt around! His advantage is that it is not easy to fall on the mattress. Due to the complexity of their production, the general bed linen sheets are higher than the price of ordinary sheets.

Bed sheets and bed linen which is good?

Understand the difference between bed sheets and bed linen, I believe that bed sheets and bed lin has a clear understanding of the bar. In fact, bed sheets and bed which is good? Need to be based on the size of their own bed and bed shape to define the general irregular bed such as round bed, with the bed is better. While the ordinary rectangular bed with ordinary bed sheets on it.