The Importance Of Timely Updating Of Bedding In Hotel

  The importance of timely updating of bedding in hotel

  Today's hotel has risen from simple temporary accommodation to improve the quality of life, the pursuit of the height of life taste, hotel bedding has also been upgraded from the most common six-piece set to a personalized full functional brand. But no matter what attitude, health is the highest purpose of people's pursuit, hotel bedding after a long time to use must be replaced.

  The timely renovation of hotel bedding, first of all health and sanitation needs. Whether it is pillow or quilt, the time is long easy to breed mold, mites, but also can cause allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases. These problems do not pay attention to human health will cause a small hidden danger. Especially when the pillow is long, it hides millions of fungal spores. If it is a fiber-like pillow, bacteria breed faster.

  Second is the use of time long function degradation. General hotel Bed linen used for a long time, the filler will lose elasticity, hair induration block, not enough warmth. A season after the more thin, uneven distribution, warm and sweat, such as the original effect will be greatly reduced. Like the current popular down quilt, silk quilt, and so on, the use of a long time, its softness, comfort and so will also decline.

  The final consideration is the overall environment coordination, hotel bedding should also be with the interior, decoration changes to make appropriate adjustments, so that tenants have a more harmonious environment.

  Through the above points we can see that the importance of timely renovation of hotel bedding, therefore, hotels to meet customers, seek development, in this respect can not be overlooked, to do a good job cleaning, to ensure the safety and health of customers.