The Reason Of The Life And Breakage Of Hotel Bedding

  The reason of the life and breakage of hotel bedding

  The life of the hotel cloth grass

  Hotel bedding used in the cloth grass has a certain life expectancy, so the hotel laundry in addition to the normal washing cotton, but also to do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of cotton goods, as far as possible to prolong the service life, reduce its reported loss rate. If extended use, there will be serious damage to the cloth grass, and then put into use will affect the quality of hotel services.

  The specific breakage of linen has the following types:

  Whole cotton: Broken small hole, edge and angle rupture, fold off, thinning easily broken, color become cloudy, towel softness reduced.

  Blends: The color becomes cloudy, Bedding the cotton part falls off, loses the elasticity, the edge and the angle rupture, the folded edge falls off.

  When the above situation occurs, linen should consider the cause of timely replacement, generally speaking, the number of washing cotton fabrics are: cotton sheets, pillowcases, $number times; blended (35% cotton), 180~220 times; towel type, 100~110 times, tablecloth, mouth cloth, 120~130 times.

  II. Causes of breakage of linen

  The first is the damage caused by washing, for example:

  1. The feeding time is not correct when washing. Not in the case of insufficient water in the machine to feed, especially the bleaching chemicals, so that the detergent concentration in the hotel linen local and caused by grass damage.

  2. Improper use of bleach. Laundry room should be careful use of bleaching detergent, especially bleach (chlorine bleaching agent), if the use of improper temperature, excessive concentration, after washing residue will lead to change or even small holes in the cloth grass.

  3. hotel bedding cloth grass stained with corrosive chemicals. All kinds of cleaning articles used in hotel bedding, some are corrosive, especially some strong acidic detergent on the impact of cotton goods, if the waiter in the collection or cleaning the room, so that the cotton fabric inadvertently stained with these detergent and did not immediately clean, also will lead to the local damage of the cloth grass, fastness to poor.

  4. Misuse of detergent. Laundry detergent is a number of chemical products, the need for a certain knowledge and responsibility and correct use, otherwise there may be a washing product error mixed, or even feed the wrong situation, will lead to this result.

  The second is machine and man-made reasons, such as:

  1. The washer has burr or some parts of the drum is not smooth, during the washing process is likely to lead to the cloth grass scraping or wear phenomenon, Bedding manifested as drawn, followed by yarn, and then a small hole, and gradually expand.

  2. Cleaning before the inspection work is not serious, so that some sharp or hard debris mixed in it, in the washing caused by damage.

  3. Wash before and after the loading or out of the machine, heavy or hit the sharp objects punctured or broken.

  4. Washing dehydration when the cloth is not good or high off time too long, mechanical force lead to pull break, or washing over the water time is too short, less times, washing residue or washing program defects, not in and remove residual alkali, residual chlorine and so on.

  5. The quality and storage environment of cloth grass. Cotton fabrics must avoid tidal storage, good ventilation, warehouse shelves should be smooth edges, Bedding and at the same time, cloth thatched cottage should be avoided pests, rodents.

  Third, how to avoid?

  1. Correct use of detergent, to grasp the reasonable feeding time and temperature, to understand the basic characteristics of detergent and use methods, to avoid direct contact with cotton fabrics with strong acidic or corrosive chemicals.

  2. Do a good job before washing, Bedding including the classification of linen and the separation of sundries.

  3. Check the machine regularly, cloth grass collection and delivery to be careful, to prevent two of pollution and man-made damage, washing fashion load to appropriate ($number), too much or too little to the cloth grass wash and wear have influence, air machine inspection machine Drum whether there is sharp, iron debris remaining.

  4. To do well the classification of old and new linen, the natural breakage and abnormal breakage of old linen should be differentiated, Bedding and the strength of new and old cloth should be different.