Towel Darker Than The High Cost Of Light

  1, towel darker than the high cost of light, towel light color than the dark and durable. Because the high cost of dark, that is, put the chemicals, dyeing time is higher. So the damage to the fiber is large. And the deeper the color, the worse the fastness. Children are best to use light-colored. Do not buy towels with embroidery.

  2, wet towels than dry towels easy to rot, easy to infect bacteria.

  3, the use of a long time will occur hardening.

  4, in the purchase of towels, should try to large shopping malls, supermarkets or stores to buy, select the regular manufacturer of products. Qualified towel products should have a standardized logo, and indicate the manufacturer, origin, telephone, trademark, the implementation of standards, washing methods.

  5, look at the appearance: towel sewing is fine, neat, terry height is flat, whether the color is pure and bright,

  6, touch feel: should choose the texture fluffy, soft towel feel. This towel touched in the hands of elastic, attached to the face, giving a soft feeling of face, towels should not dry hard, so as not to hurt the skin. In general, high-quality towel feel fluffy, soft and no creamy feeling, in the boxing soft and flexible, beat no cotton velvet off.

  7, measuring water absorption: good quality towel if the drop of water droplets, can quickly absorb, if used to wipe his face, then, can quickly dry water, to dust pollution; and poor towel rub in his face slippery, Do not absorb water, do not decontamination.

  8, color fastness: 80 ℃ or so hot water into the basin, and then add the towel up and down to mention the end of the wash, the basin of water is not discolored as well. If there is significant color, it shows poor quality of printing and dyeing, hinder human health.

  9, smell smell: qualified towel products should be no smell

  10, burning raw materials: the towel edge of the circle out of a circle around the circle, with the fire lit, burning quickly, gray gray gray, light and no residue is cotton or cellulose renewable fiber. If the burning of non-net burning ash lumps, indicating that the yarn is mixed with chemical fiber blended yarn.