Towel Use And Maintenance Methods

  Towel use and maintenance methods

  Towels is the daily use of the items, it is because every day to use, it is too common, too common, everyone on the choice of towels, use and placement are also too casual. In fact, it is this casual, will give us the health of the unexpected consequences.

  Towels are multi-turn fabric, the gap is too much, it is easy to absorb dust and bacteria, it every day with our skin intimate contact, the bacteria are easy to invade people's body, so that people infected with the disease. The latest scientific experiments show that coins, bed linen and towel products are the three major indirect media transmission of the disease, improper use of towels, will damage the skin, serious also can cause cross infection. Now most people are aware of the importance of personal towels, but it is often a towel multi-purpose, and is not broken, more attention to the maintenance of towels. Here we introduce some of the correct use of towels and conservation methods.


  1. Towel to be dedicated, special towel dedicated. The number of towels per person per day should be 4-5. Divided into face wash, feet, bath and daily personal maintenance of small towels, and women also specifically to add a personal health towel.

  2. Attention to the health of towels, so that ground wash, ground cook, ground drying, towel once a week for disinfection. Do not hang a wet towel in a non-ventilated bathroom because the bacteria and the virus live longer in the wet towel and multiply the growth rate into geometric increments.

  3. Everything has a period of use, home textiles experts believe that the use of towels for a period of about 3 months, after the use of the towel is dirty and hard, will be hazardous to health, has become a new source of pollution.

  4. When buying towel products, to carefully choose, do not seek cheap. Many low-cost towels look very beautiful, feel good, but in fact are used waste materials and poor quality chemical dyes production, and some chemical dyes also contain benzene ammonia carcinogenic substances. People take this towel wash face as with industrial waste water, like, will seriously damage the skin, endangering health.

  5. Qualified towel and counterfeit towel difference: qualified towel texture fluffy, soft to the touch, the production of fine with good moisture absorption, heat insulation, heat performance. Fake towels easy to play the ball, frivolous airtight, water absorption is not strong.