U-shaped Nursing Pillow Effect

1. its unique ergonomic design of retaining neck pillow, can effectively prevent neck strain, plays a good role and a supporting effect of cervical spine.

2. using a unique nano-particle material, good elastic characteristics and temperature characteristics, and can detect the density of the human body temperature and adjust the pillows, to snug the purpose of cervical spine can be reached.

3. for friends to travel long distances, can greatly relieve the fatigue of cervical spine on the way, can help us get some quality rest on the way, reduction and reduced Parallax due to long-distance travel.

4. drivers for long-distance friends, can adjust the 15-20 curvature of the driving head, avoid cervical venous pressure, relieve fatigue, greatly enhance safe driving.

5. suitable for use in usual business and leisure, whether you are a long time using computers or watching television at home, or take a lunch break, can effectively prevent cervical spine strain.

6. for sedentary persons Office stated, after as a pad, on the spine plays a good supporting role.

7. the Office during your lunch break, can be used as a lunch break pillow, sleeping at the desk won't pressure because the arm whole body tingle, effectively relieve pressure on the human body, promote blood circulation, also you a short but pleasant lunch break.