Wedding Bedding Should Be How To Choose?

Wedding bedding should be how to choose?

Many new people may be married to really start to leave their parents, especially the bride, the future may have to take their own small family of all affairs, and when the first is to buy their own warm new house, the first time to buy bedding May not know what to pay attention to, let us take a preliminary look at it

Choose wedding bedding need to consider the elements of three points: according to the actual situation, consider whether to choose a full set of marriage suits; according to economic conditions to consider the choice of wedding bedding grade; then consider the coordination with the home decoration style, combined with their own preferences style And tones.

Purchase principle

Practical and green health. Practical point of view, buy 4 sets of bedding sets more convenient to clean up the sun. And the core is the best choice of natural materials, such as the prevalence of silk in recent years, the four seasons can be; and other, such as wool, duvets are beneficial to our healthy sleep.

Material selection

Cotton the most commonly used, the most appropriate. Now most of the bed products with 40 yarns combed cotton fabric. Plain and twill more smooth and gentle, suitable for spring and summer; and hair and satin fabric warm and good, the best use of autumn and winter.

Brand and quality

People's life about 1/3 of the time spent in bed, then the quality of bedding directly affect people's health and mental state. So be sure to choose the brand manufacturers production, quality of qualified products, at the same time, comfort is also to be considered.

Size and color

Size should be bought according to the marriage bed and living habits to set, and some couples used to a single person, and some are double. In addition, set the room also need to prepare two sets. When the wedding, people will be used to buy a large red bed supplies, festive. Usually, you can choose the type of floral or light color, home there is a warm feeling.