What Are Clouds Blanket

Traditional blankets to "fur" clone for the prototype, and "blanket" breaking the rules like "fur" concept, reshaping the new concept, with "white clouds in the sky," as the prototype, touch when the blanket has a touch of "white cloud" feeling that "light, thin and soft". In terms of color, changed the traditional blanket of dark colors, aging, with fresh and elegant, stylish design, modern man must-have fashion items at home.

Traditional blankets to two single blankets compound or use lint-free on both sides to achieve a decorative effect of pros and cons on both sides. "Blanket" broke the traditional blanket with "hair"-carpet philosophy. And keep the "wool" effect, but this "hair" to go through new technology to process into "the cloud" feeling. In addition, the textile industry to introduce some functional fabrics, such as "bamboo, Tencel" and so on, these functional fabrics and "fabric" able to combine together, that is, "cloud", and has "the functions of home textile products".