What Is The Best Bed Linen?

People need to rest, as the most personal with people than bed sheets. Bed sheets are also directly affect the quality of people's sleep. And the market commonly used in three kinds of linen fabrics are plain, twill, satin, jacquard bed sheets, then what kind of bed linen is the best? The following I talk about the following three sheets of fabric features.

Flatbed sheets

Glossary: plain weave fabric (weave and weft yarn every time weaving a time) woven fabric called plain weave fabric.

Fabric features: more intertwined, hard texture, very scratch, the surface smooth, positive and negative appearance of the same effect, plain weave fabric density can not be too high, more light, better ventilation. The number of about 30, bed linen the density is slightly lower, the fabric is more prone to jump yarn and other defects, the price is relatively low.

Jacquard bed sheets

When the fabric weaving with the latitude and longitude changes in the formation of flower pattern (fabric pattern is woven out, not ordinary printing, not embroidery.), Fine yarn, the needle thread density is high, do not use deformation, do not fade, . bed linen The current jacquard in the market is very popular, satin bedding, fabric color, not significant monotonous, three-dimensional pattern strong, look higher grade, taste.

Twill sheets

Glossary: warp and weft at least two yarns are intertwined once, using the addition of latitude and longitude intertwined, change the fabric structure, collectively referred to as twill fabric.

Fabric features: there are positive and negative points, a complete organizational cycle within the intertwined little, floating line longer, bed linen feel soft, bed fabric density is higher, relatively thick, three-dimensional sense of strong. The number of 30, 40, 60 range.

Satin sheets

Fabric features: warp and weft yarn at least three yarns were intertwined once, so satin fabric to fabric density higher, so the fabric is more solid. bed linen Satin bed sheets are more costly and more glossy and glossy than plain plains and twill sheets.