What Skills Can Make The Towel Turn White Soft?

What skills can make the towel turn white soft?

1, boiled water

Towel used for some time, it should be boiled in boiling water 5 - 10 minutes, it is best to use soap and so on in advance a bubble, so that after cooking the towel will be very soft. When you cook a towel, keep the towel in the water and do not expose the water. Cook the towel, and then repeatedly washed with water several times, until there is no soap on it. And then placed in a ventilated place to dry naturally, try to avoid prolonged sun exposure.

2, the use of softener washing

If you have the conditions, you can buy good quality softener, in the washing towel when appropriate to add some, after washing the towel will be a new look, change is very soft, but also on the yellow towel has the role of fading. But the softener detergent is not recommended commonly used, after all, with more chemical ingredients, once rinse the towel is not easy to stimulate the skin.

3, wash towels with vinegar

In the wash towel, add the appropriate vinegar, just did not have a towel is appropriate And then soak for half an hour or so, then hard scrub scrub, scrub several times after the rinse with water, and then can be dried. Vinegar has a bactericidal effect, but also allow the towel to restore soft and elastic.

4, salt washing towels

Usually wash towel, you can add the right amount of salt, wash the towel will be more soft. And salt compared to clothing softener for the body harmless, can often use. In order to save the use of salt, wash towels when not too much water, can not have a towel on the line.

5, wash rice towels

Taomi water has a lot of role, including the towel white and soft. In the cooking towel, you can add the right amount of Taomi Shui, try to use panning one to two times, boil 5 - 10 minutes or so rinse clean, wash the towel will become more clean, and there will be light Rice flavor.

The above five methods are the main method of cleaning the towel, the towel cleaning must be taken seriously.